Our Claim to Truth

We live in a world of misinformation and confusion.  Words are as easily used for truth as they are for error, by mistake as well as through malicious intent.  The war of words has become truly global with the advancement of technology, especially the internet.  This war has reached a point of incoherency, where both sides have watered down wine, and left truth by the wayside.  Neither side cares what ‘fact’ they use so long as it is in support of their ideologies.  The goal has shifted from truth to power, from you changing to what is true, to others changing to you.

There is no place for what is right and what is wrong, only for what you believe. Truth is no longer an objective matter, but has become a popular vote.

It is the purpose of this website’s authors to restore the proper significance of truth and to create a sanctuary for those who see truth as it really is, eternal.

Many will say that the things of God are beyond comprehension. However, we declare that this is not so. Not only is God comprehensible but knowledge of him and his works are essential to our progression and eternal destination. Truths are identifiable, logical and within the gift of reason that God has given to each of us. Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and it shall be opened. This is our claim to truth and we take it.

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